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Hello there!  My name is Stephanie McKenna & I am a portrait and event photographer from Michiana.  I service Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan but love to travel and am willing to go just about anywhere!  First, I’d like to thank you for stopping by and visiting my website.  Second, if you are considering choosing me as your photographer for that special event in your life or if you are looking for some portraits; please shoot me an email or a text or even a phone call.  I love meeting new people and making friends.  My past & current clients have become very special people in my life, so let’s chat soon!

If you are still reading, that’s awesome!  Let me give you a short rundown of who I am. I think it is important for people to get to know their photographer instead of it being a one way street.  I want you to be comfortable working with me and the only way I believe that is possible is if I invite you into my life a little bit and tell you a few things about myself.  So here are the basics,  first I am a wife & mother of two beautiful twin boys, Mason & Max.  They are my world, they drive me nuts & make me fall in love every day over and over.  I take an abundance of pictures of them and I will try to refuse the urge to let them take over this page and blog.  After all, this site is dedicated to you! But, like I said.. I want you to get to know me and they rule my world, so maybe a post here and there won’t hurt 😉  I also want to talk to you about what inspired me to start my own photography business .  Yes, my kids inspire me to be who I want and do what makes me happy but what really pushed me into going ahead with this was the loss of my father.  My dad recently passed away in January 2013 when he crashed the ultra light plane he was piloting in Niles, MI.  He was only 50 years old.  There was a lot to love about my dad but what I really loved was how passionate he was about his life and the goals he set for himself.  “You’ll never know if you never try.”  He was bound and determined and that is one characteristic he passed down to me.  Looking back through photo albums, I was saddened by the lack of good photos of our family.  I believe that every big event throughout life should be captured on camera, and even the small events.  You’ll never regret having that photo to look back on, to help you relive those special memories.

Some things I love: summer, the beach, sunshine, sunsets, animals, road trips, Reese’s cups, fitness, thunderstorms, social media, bathing suits, nail polish, country music, festivals, and of course my friends & family that have my back and make me feel like I can do anything.