Click Through 2018; a 52 week project

Click Through 2018

A 52 Week Project

This is the first time I’ve ever decided to start a project like this and I am SO excited to do it. I think it will help me document moments that matter while growing as a photographer and thinking more artistically. That’s great right?! The better I become for me, the better I become for clients and next year I want to pour all that I have into each and every wedding and family session. So! I have created a list that I hope inspires and interests enough photographers and heck, iphoneographers too, to dive into this with me!


Each week will represent a different theme. I pulled these from my own little brain with some help from past projects I’ve seen floating around. You’ll notice that there might be a couple repeats- self portrait & getting in the frame in particular. I am only speaking for myself but as a photographer, I struggle with feeling comfortable on the other side of the lens. There is also a serious lack of pictures of me with my children, and that is silly! I want my kids to have these images and these memories for a lifetime.

2017-12-08_0001 2017-12-08_0002
The 52 Weeks:
1. Self Portrait
2. Family
3. First thing in the morning
4. In the kitchen
5. Black & White
6. Undone
7. Outside
8. Favorite place
9. Everyday life
10. Late at night
11. Your choice!
12. Unplug
13. Get in the frame
14. Freelens
15. Chasing color
16. Movement
17. Street Photography
18. Landscape
19. Child
20. Weather/nature
21. Leading lines
22. Portrait/back lighting
23. Animals
24. Water
25. Light
26. Self portrait
27. Fireworks/4th of July (my favorite holiday)
28. Home
29. Food
30. Fun
31. Patterns
32. Summer
33. Looking up
34. Something sweet
35. Textures
36. Somewhere new
37. Close up
38. Get in the frame
39. Portrait/couple
40. Moody
41. Fall
42. Playful
43. Silhouette/Shadows
44. Portrait/minimalist
45. Messy
46. Shiny
47. Living space
48. Looking down
49. Bokeh
50. Everyday life/get in the frame
51. Reflection
52. Self portrait – ending where we started.


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Happy shooting,

xo- Stephanie